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The Emory Farmer's Market will return for the spring 2023-24 semester on January 23rd. The market takes place every Tuesday at 11-1:30 on McDonough Plaza.

Please note: Dooley Dollars will roll over from the Fall semester to the Spring semester and the Summer sessions, but not from one academic year to another and are not refundable. Meal swipes do not roll from semester to semester and are not refundable.

Frequently asked questions can be found here.


The 2023-24 Faculty-Staff meal plans are available for purchase.

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Are you currently experiencing food insecurity, or have you in the past?

The Food Security Safeguard Program (FSSP) in partnership with Student Case Management and Intervention Services is designed to assist any Emory undergraduate or graduate student with an immediate food security need on the Atlanta campus.

Simply click on the link below and after filling out a few pieces of information will receive three meal swipes for the Dobbs Common Table (the DCT) to your Emory ID card for immediate use.

FSSP request

If you attempt to sign up for a second time in a semester Student Case Management and Intervention Services (SCMIS) will be informed to allow a case manager to reach out and assist with identifying opportunities for long term support prior to additional meal swipes being granted.

If you have any additional questions related to the FSSP program please click resources/faqs to view our Dining FAQ’s.

Want to learn more about Student Case Management and Intervention Services?  Please click on the link below.



Please contact the Student Case Management and Intervention Services for food insecurity assistance.