All second year students living on campus (including residence halls, apartments, sorority lodges and  themed housing) choose from the following plans for their entire second academic year, regardless of credit hours completed. Student's living in fraternity house must be enrolled in their house plan, or enrolled in a campus meal plan.

  • Meal Plan B, $2,766 ($2,116 for swipes; $650 Dooley Dollars) / Semester: 
    • Provides 100 meal swipes per semester (an average of 6 meal swipes per week) and $650 Dooley Dollars per semester (an average of $41 per week).
  • Meal Plan C, $2,831 ($2,381 for swipes; $450 Dooley Dollars) / Semester: 
    • Provides 130 meal wipes per semester (an average of 8 meal swipes per week) and $450 Dooley Dollars per semester (an average of $28 per week).
  • Meal Plan D, $2,322 ($2,322 for swipes; $0 Dooley Dollars)/ Semester: 
    • Provides 180 meal swipes per semester (an average of 11 meals per week)  (GREAT VALUE PLAN).

Second year students may also choose from the following meal plans:

  • Meal Plan A, $3,967 ($3,817 for swipes; $150 Dooley Dollars) / Semester:
    • Unlimited meal swipes, meal exchanges, $150 Dooley Dollars per semester  (BEST VALUE PLAN).
  • Meal Plan K, $3,967 ($3,817 for swipes; $150 Dooley Dollars) / Semester: 
    • Kosher plan providing Kosher lunch Sundays through Fridays and Kosher dinner Sundays through Thursdays.  Students on this plan may also partake of non-Kosher offerings with unlimited meal swipes, meal exchanges, and $150 Dooley Dollars per semester.

Important to note: Students who choose meal plans B, C or D should plan on supplementing those plans with additional meals on or off campus.

 Meal Plan Features:

  • 100, 130, 180 or Unlimited meal swipes per semester- to be utilized at the Dobbs Common Table in the Emory Student Center, our residential all-you-care-to-eat restaurant. Meal swipes do not carry over from semester to semester.
  • Dooley Dollars- Declining balance funds that may be used in any Emory Dining location and the Farmers’ Market. Dooley Dollar purchases are always tax free (a savings of 8.9%). Additionally they enjoy a 5% discount at all dining locations except for the farmer's market. Unspent Dooley Dollars carry over from Fall Semester to Spring Semester and Summer sessions, but expire at the end of the academic year. 
  • Meal Exchange- A convenience feature that allows students to use a meal swipe for meal combos at White Hall, Ray's at WREC, the Eagle Emporium or the SAAC Café on the Clairmont Campus.

Students can sign up for a dining plan or add Dooley Dollars to their plans at any time throughout the academic year by going to the My Housing Web. Students are allowed one change to their meal plan each semester.

If you have more questions about dining plans, please contact

Detailed dining agreements can be found here: Dining Agreements.