entrance view of cox hall food court

Major dining upgrades are on the way for the Emory Atlanta campus, with Cox Hall Food Court set for renovations this next year.

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General Project FAQs

The Cox Hall Food Court will close May 14, 2024, immediately following Spring 2024 Commencement festivities.
The Cox Hall Market will reopen for the 2025 fall semester.
The Cox Hall Food Court serves our campus as a high-volume, high-traffic space, providing meals for students, faculty and staff. There have been no meaningful renovations in the community facing areas (front of house) in more than twenty years. As it operates currently, the space is limited by poor line queuing and customer flow. During peak hours, it can be challenging for students and our campus community guests to navigate dining vendors and checkout lines. Once a meal is secured, the seating availability and options that served us well for many years are now dated, lacking in variety and accessibility.
The project includes interior and exterior upgrades to expand seating choices, create a more spacious atmosphere, and optimize technology and meal delivery logistics. With these renovations, the first floor of Cox Hall will transform from a transactional location to a vibrant dining environment where our community can engage and flourish.
The renovated Cox Hall Market will include new vendors and returning favorites with updates to the food stations.
The Cox Hall Market project will strive to achieve LEED Gold standards.
The scope of renovations is contained to the first floor of Cox Hall. Occasionally, construction noise may be disruptive.
Emory Dining is a committed partner within the Atlanta community. We are working closely with our current vendors and staff to include them in our temporary food service plans.

Food Access and Dining Specifics

During the renovation, Emory will bring a daily collection of food trucks to campus for lunch and dinner. Located outside of Cox Hall near Asbury Circle and the Emory Student Center, the food trucks will offer a variety of new cuisines as well as Cox Hall favorites.

Across campus, there are 15 existing venues for our community to sit down for a meal or grab a bite on the go.

At the Dobbs Common Table (DCT), seating has been expanded, and Emory Dining will be launching a re-usable takeout program, where students can more easily grab food for later.

Additionally, just in time for fall 2024, Emory Dining is expanding mobile order options with self-service, grab-and-go at the Emporium in the Emory Student Center. Meal exchange will continue to be available through the Emporium.

Our mobile food vendors will be available during lunch and dinner hours. We will be monitoring peak service times carefully and adjust hours accordingly.
We are finalizing our mobile food options; more information will be available soon.
As part of our ongoing commitment to student wellbeing, Emory Dining will continue to provide options which accommodate vegan, vegetarian, Kosher, Halal and gluten free diets.

You will not be able to order online for the mobile food vendors, but we will be launching mobile ordering at many of our cafes and coffee shops (including the Emporium in the Emory Student Center) in fall 2024.

Yes. Dooley Dollars, Eagle Dollars and credit/debit cards will be accepted from our mobile food vendors.
During this transition, our goal is to provide the same number of seats used during a typical mealtime at Cox Hall in our other facilities including the Emory Student Center and the Identity Spaces on the third floor of Cox Hall.

The Food Security Safeguard Program (FSSP) in partnership with Student Case Management and Intervention Services is designed to assist any Emory undergraduate or graduate student with an immediate food security need on the Atlanta campus.

Fill out this FSSP request form to receive three meal swipes for the Dobbs Common Table (the DCT) to your Emory ID card for immediate use.

If you attempt to sign up for a second time during a semester, Student Case Management and Intervention Services (SCMIS) will be informed to allow a case manager to reach out and assist with identifying opportunities for long term support prior to additional meal swipes being granted.

If you have any additional questions related to the FSSP program please view our Dining FAQs here.

The project encompasses both interior and exterior upgrades that will move the Cox Hall first floor from a transactional location to a vibrant dining environment where the Emory community can collectively engage and flourish.