Our Vision:

In service to a diverse campus community, Emory Dining operates to support the educational mission and social endeavors of the institution. As a unit of the Campus Life Division, it operates to advance the division’s goals and core values. Emory Dining strives to be a nationally-recognized leader based on the innovative nature of its co-curricular programs, authentic culinary, service and sustainability standards and practices.

Why will campus dining be different this year?

 Like many other aspects of campus life at Emory this year, the COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated a number of changes to our dining program. As we work to reimagine our program, we focus on the key principles of safety, accessibility, quality, variety, and community to guide our conversations and decisions.

What will be different?

 As part of our response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Emory Dining is implementing a wide variety of new measures to ensure the highest standards of safety and sanitation.

  • The campus community standard of physical distancing will always be required in campus dining facilities; highly visible signage will be in place to help with compliance.
  • Students will be required to sanitize hands before entering any campus dining location; additional touch-free hand sanitizer stations will be in place throughout all dining facilities.
  • Face coverings will always be required when not eating.
  • Dining locations will be take-out only; dining room seating will be eliminated with queuing and occupancy based on Emory guidelines for physical distancing. Look out for new outdoor seating and shading throughout campus as an ideal place to enjoy a meal in addition to your residence hall room, suite or apartment.
  • To provide ample time for deep sanitization between meal periods, most dining locations will have modified hours of service.
  • Self-serve stations have been eliminated across campus. All food will be either grab-and-go or served by staff following strict safety guidelines.
  • Dining will offer mobile ordering for pick-up only at locations where it is possible and practical.
  • As a means of decreasing density at key locations, meal swipes may be used in a to-go format at the Eagle Emporium in the Student Center, the SAAC Café, and Cox Hall.
  • Vending machines on campus will now accept Dooley Dollars.

What will be the same?

 We will continue producing and serving high quality, fresh food for our students and university community.

When does campus dining open for the spring? 

  The DCT will open for Dinner on Friday, January 22nd.

Why are there are new meal plans this year? Why are there fewer meal plan options? 

  We designed these new meal plans for ease of use and flexibility, given the reduction in residential population.

Can I bring a guest to campus dining facilities?

 Guests will not be permitted in dining facilities this year.  Our priority is serving our residential students efficiently and safely and to accomplish this, we must carefully manage density in our campus dining units.

What happens if I am placed in quarantine or isolation? How will I eat?

 Residential students in quarantine or isolation will receive boxed breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals delivered to their door each day.  We are able to accommodate most special dietary needs.

Why are there are new meal plans this year? Why are there fewer meal plan options?

 We designed these new meal plans for ease of use and flexibility, given the reduction in residential population.

Must I have a meal plan? 

 All students living on main campus are required to enroll in a meal plan.  Students living at Clairmont Campus for the 2020-21 academic year may choose any of the plans offered or opt out of a meal plan.

Can I switch my meal plan? 

 Yes, students may change their meal plan to any plan for which they are eligible during the specified meal plan change period at https://myhousing.emory.edu. The meal plan change period for spring 2020 is January 22nd to February 5th. Only one change may be made each semester.

Can I add more Dooley Dollars? 

 Yes, Dooley Dollars may be added to an existing meal plan at any time during the academic year. Please go to https://myhousing.emory.edu for additional information.

What is the difference between Eagle and Dooley Dollars? 

 Dooley Dollars are a component of the university meal plan.  Most Dooley Dollars purchases are tax free (a savings of 8.9%).  Additionally, students using Dooley Dollars enjoy a 5% discount at all dining locations except for vending machines.  As part of a campus meal plan, Dooley Dollars may only be used at campus dining locations for food including vending machines.  Unspent Dooley Dollars expire on August 1 each year and are non-refundable.

 Eagle Dollars are administered through the university Emory Card office and may be used at a variety of on campus locations (e.g. bookstore, or campus printing). Eagle Dollar purchases are taxed at the current state and county tax rate and do not receive any discounts at the point of purchase.  Unspent Eagle Dollars are refunded after a student graduates or leaves the university.

I will be living off campus this year. Can I still enroll in a meal plan?

 Students living off campus may enroll in any meal plan offered but it’s not encouraged.  The university is discouraging those who do not need to be on campus from coming to campus and the campus dining program is being scaled down to primarily accommodate our residential

Will I receive a refund for Dining fees?

 Emory remains dedicated to providing its students with a rigorous academic experience throughout the 2020-21 year, even if circumstances require a transition to increased remote instruction.  In the event that a full transition to remote instruction is again required, Emory will issue prorated refunds of dining fees to students who move out of the residence halls.

When does the meal week start and end?

 The week starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday. Your meal balance gets renewed Saturday at Midnight.

I have special dietary needs. Will there be options for me?

 The DCT will continue to offer Kosher, Halal, vegan, vegetarian and made without gluten-options, as well as continue to remain a tree nut, peanut, and shellfish free environment. Cox Hall Food Court, SAAC Café, and the Eagle Emporium will also have a variety of options for those with special dietary needs.  Please contact the Dining office with any additional questions regarding special dietary needs by emailing dining@emory.edu.

I have or may have special circumstances requiring dining or meal plan accommodation. Who do I contact? 

 Students seeking a medically-related meal plan exemption or special accommodations should email accessibility@emory.edu.

What dining locations will be open and what are their hours?

 The following locations will be open for service during the spring 2021 semester. Hours are subject to change.  Locations that are in bold accept meal swipes.


  • The DCT:
    • Breakfast 7-10AM, Lunch 11AM-2PM and Dinner 5:30-8:30PM on weekdays
    • Brunch 10AM-2PM and Dinner 5-8PM on weekends
  • Cox Hall Food Court: 11AM-3PM Monday-Friday
  • SAAC Café: Noon-10PM Daily
  • Eagle Emporium: 11AM-8PM Monday through Friday and 1PM-8PM on weekends.
  • Kaldi’s at the Depot: 8AM-10PM Daily
  • Starbucks: 8AM-3PM Monday-Friday

Based on our expected residential population we do not plan to open additional dining locations.

What happens if I am placed in quarantine or isolation? How will I eat?

 Residential students in quarantine or isolation will receive boxed breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals delivered to their door each day.  We are able to accommodate most special dietary needs.

How do I get involved or provide feedback on my campus dining experience?

 FACE (Food Advisory Committee Emory) is a student-run organization that plays a pivotal role in shaping the dining program at Emory University.  Please see the FACE page for contact information or fill out our Dining Comment Form.

Are Bon Appétit employees paid fairly?

 Bon Appetit and all Emory Dining contractors conform with The University’s minimum hourly rate of pay of $14.25 (as of 9/1/19) which is more than 97% above the Georgia state minimum wage of $7.25. In addition, Dining staff are provided free MARTA passes and a full array of other benefits including paid time off and health insurance.

I’ve been overcharged or double charged when I purchased a meal.  What should I do?

 Please contact the Emory Dining Office to help with any incorrect charges.

I lost my Emory ID.  What should I do?

 REPORT YOUR LOST CARD IMMEDIATELY, following the information posted on the EmoryCard site.

Please contact or visit the EmoryCard office at 404-727-6095 or email to emorycard@emory.edu to obtain a new card.

How can I check my Dooley Dollar Balance?

 You can log into the EmoryCard Web Center to get your balance and see all financial transactions.

Are you currently experiencing food insecurity, or have you in the past?

 Get in touch with our Student Case Management and Intervention Services team to learn about food assistance on and off campus. Please fill out a Student Assistance and Services Form and a SCMIS Case Manager will be in touch.