Like many other aspects of campus life at Emory this fall, the COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated a number of changes to our dining program. In reimagining our dining program for this fall, we use the principles of safety, accessibility, quality, variety, and community to guide our conversations and decisions.

Guiding Principles

  1. Provide food in a way that best protects the health and safety of the students, faculty, staff, and community members consuming it, as well as those that are part of the production and distribution of this core function of the campus experience.
  2. Ensure that food will be easily accessible to students and provided at sufficient levels to meet high levels of demand.
  3. Ensure that quality and variety of food and drink offerings will continue to be a priority.
  4. Food experiences will, as much as possible with physical distancing, contribute positively to the community experience at Emory.

Safety and Sanitation

As part of our response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Emory Dining is implementing a wide variety of new measures to ensure the highest standards of safety and sanitation.

  • The campus community standard of physical distancing will always be required in campus dining facilities; highly visible signage will be in place to help with compliance.
  • Students will be required to sanitize hands before entering any campus dining location; additional touch-free hand sanitizer stations will be in place throughout all dining facilities.
  • Face coverings will always be required when not eating.
  • Dining locations will be take-out only; dining room seating will be eliminated with queuing and occupancy based on Emory guidelines for physical distancing. Look out for new outdoor seating and shading throughout campus as an ideal place to enjoy a meal in addition to your residence hall room, suite or apartment.
  • To provide ample time for deep sanitization between meal periods, most dining locations will have modified hours of service.
  • Self-serve stations have been eliminated across campus. All food will be either grab-and-go or served by trained, uniformed staff wearing personal protective equipment and following strict safety guidelines.
  • Dining will offer mobile ordering for pick-up only at locations where it is possible and practical.
  • As a means of decreasing density at key locations, meal swipes may be used in a to-go format at the Eagle Emporium in the Student Center, the SAAC Café, and Cox Hall.
  • All vending machines on campus will now accept Dooley Dollars.


New Ways to Order and Pay

Mobile ordering through Transact with self-pick-up will help provide a contact-free experience. Many retail venues, including Kaldi’s at the Depot and Starbucks will be integrated into the mobile ordering network. Contactless transactions will allow students to simply tap their Emory Card or their credit card in our retail locations.


New Meal Plan Options

We have created new meal plan options with the goal of simplifying offerings while also providing flexibility with more Dooley Dollars. First-year students can now choose between two plans including a Kosher option for each. Second-year students can choose from three plans. Third-and fourth-year students living on main campus can continue to choose from any plan offered. Students living on the Clairmont Campus may choose any meal plan offered or opt out of a campus meal plan entirely for the 2020-21 academic year.

New First-Year Plans

19 meals per week + $200 Dooley Dollars per semester $3,129/semester
14 meals per week + $400 Dooley Dollars per semester $3,129/semester
19 meals per week (11 Kosher meals) Plan + $200 Dooley Dollars $3,129/semester
14 meals per week (11 Kosher meals) Plan + $400 Dooley Dollars $3,129/semester

New Second-Year Plan

Any plan offered above, or
10 meals per week +$400 Dooley Dollars per semester $2,432/semester

Third- and Fourth-Year Plan

Any plan offered above, or
$500 Dooley Dollars per semester $500/semester

For more information about meal plans, please visit the Emory Dining site.


Dining Locations

Students will continue to use meal swipes or Dooley Dollars at the Dobbs Common Table, but now may also use a meal swipe at the Cox Hall Food Court in addition to Dooley and Eagle Dollars.

This new meal swipe location at Cox Hall is in addition to our existing meal exchange locations at the SAAC Cafe and Eagle Emporium in the student center.

All Emory dining locations also accept Eagle Dollars, cash, credit, and debit cards.

Our most popular locations will be open with streamlined menus and service:
You should generally expect streamlined menus and points of service, some changes to operational hours, take out service only, and more grab-and-go options. *Locations in BOLD accept meal swipes.*

  • Dobbs Common Table (DCT) – 6 service lines with duplicate stations to get you in and out safely and quickly
  • Cox Hall Food Court - Streamlined menus now with meal exchange
  • Eagle Emporium at the ESC - hot and cold meal exchange options
  • Kaldi’s at the Depot - Streamlined menu, more grab-and-go
  • Starbucks - all your favorites, plus more grab-and-go options
  • SAAC Café - hot and cold meal exchange options and more grab-and-go
  • *NEW* Avenue C Micro Vending Market at the SAAC – self-service convenience store
  • And, watch for our farmer’s market vendor pop-ups on campus throughout the semester offering additional meal options.

Halal, Kosher, made-without-gluten options available at DCT, Cox, SAAC Café, and Eagle Emporium locations. Vegan and vegetarian items available at all Emory Dining locations.


For questions or more information, please visit or contact